Thursday, March 29, 2007

1011 & 1847: No Class Tues, Assignments Due Thurs

Hey Classes,

Have a good Spring Break! And remember, we will not be meeting the first Tuesday after the break: April 10. We will resume classes that Thursday with some assignments due.

1011: Project 3 (Board Game) will be due. Make sure you bring your source materials. Also be prepared to talk about the formation of your composition and how you synthesized elements from your source artist with the functional requirements of board game design.

1847: Long Still Life w/Drapery drawing (#4) is due. Remember that this set-up will be in place from now until the Thursday when we look at the completed drawings.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

1847: Contemporary Still Life

Here are a couple of contemporary still life paintings to get you thinking about the still life drawing you're currently working on in class. 1. Sheldon Tapley 2. Jacob Collins

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

1847: Morandi

Here are some examples of work by 20th Century Italian painter, Giorgio Morandi. He worked his whole life on these modest still-lifes of mundane, household objects. They are in a way very simple, but also remarkable in their observation of light. Look at the way he observes value and shadow...

Thursday, March 8, 2007

1011 Homework: 3 Fully Developed, Color T-Nails

Your homework is to continue progress on Project 3 by creating 3 more fully developed Thumbnail Sketches of your design concepts. Working roughly 5" x 7", choose 3 of your best thumbnails and make more detailed, refined versions that get closer to a design that you may want to pursue. This time consider color. Any medium is fine (colored pencils, watercolor, pastel, crayons, etc); just introduce color into the equation and try to make it enhance the composition. Think about the color relationships we introduced in class on Thursday. Good Luck!

1847 Homework: Drapery Study

Your homework for Tuesday is to come into the classroom studio and work for 2 hours on your drapery study. This should be a completely resolved, finely crafted work; so really try to graduate from observing the more basic values to working also on the small details of individual folds, wrinkles, cast shadows, etc. REMEMBER, you really want to demonstrate that you understand the principles and elements of Chiaroscuro....shadow edge, shadow core, highlight, reflected light. Keep all of these things in mind. Here are three master drapery studies for inspiration: 1. Leonardo 2. Michelangelo 3. Ingres

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

1011: Project 2 due today

Project 2 (the value/line project) is due today!

Make sure you are prepared to talk about your work (in terms of form, line, value, etc), and be able to defend the photograph you took in terms of composition.

Good Luck!

1847 Midterm Portfolio Guidelines

Make sure to follow these guidelines when preparing your portfolio for next class:

1) Make sure that the drawings are in order (1-20) and that you label each drawing with it's designated number.
2) Place a sheet of clean newsprint inbetween value drawings to prevent smearing.
3) Place your drawings either in a portfolio bag/case or wrap them in a sheet of folded newsprint.
4) Make CERTAIN that your name is clearly printed on the outside of your portfolio.

Good Luck!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

1847: Portfolio due next Thursday

Your portfolio will be turned in next Thursday (March 8). Here is the current running list of drawings. We may add one more from Tuesday's class:

1. 5 Straight Lines
2. Best Blind Contour Drawing
3. HW: 10 Minute Blind Contour Self-Portrait
4. Collaborative Blind Contour
5. Long Blind Contour
6. First Geometric Still Life
7. HW: 2 8x12 Still Lives using the same 3 objects
8. Long Geometric Still Life
9. Perspective from Life: 2 Cubes
10. HW: 2 Pt. Perspective Experiment
11. Long Cubic/Geometric Still Life (Books & Boxes)
12. HW: 8x12 Still Life of 3 Objects (Manmade & Natural Forms)
13. Long Mixed Still Life: Natural, Manmade, & Geometric Forms (Pears, Potatoes, Bottles, & Boxes)
14. Hatching/Cross-Contour (Potatoes and Pears)
15. HW: 10 Hatched Objects
16. Hatching Study: Paper Bags
17. HW: 2 Hour Paper Bag Drawing
18. First Value Drawing (choose one drawing from this class)
19. Value Study Still Life (Sphere, Cone, Box, Egg)
20. HW: 3 Hour Value Still Life (4 Simple Objects)