Thursday, September 20, 2007

UL VIAR 111: Sketchbook for Mon: Hatching

Sketchbook Assignment for Monday:

Fill up 4 pages of your sketchbook exploring hatching/cross-contour. I really want you to spend some time with this assignment; you should be spending at least 30-60 minutes with each page.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

UL VIAR 111: Hatching

Some examples of artists who were masters of hatching and the cross-contour....

1. Ingres
2. Rembrandt
3. Daubigny

LSU 1011: Project due Tues/Line Ch.

Project 1 will be due at the beginning of class on Tuesday (one week from today). We will have a long critique to discuss the project in terms of form. Be prepared to talk about the composition as well as the process of part 2 of your project.

Also, read Ch. 3 (line) this week.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

LSU 1011: Syllabus


INSTRUCTOR: John Norris MEETING PLACE: 334 Art Building

COURSE OBJECTIVE: The goal of 1011 is to familiarize students with the fundamentals of 2-D design. We will examine design elements such as form, line, value, color, space, etc. by doing a series of projects that correspond to the Art Fundamentals textbook. Readings of this book will aid students in thinking and talking about art while the projects will help put this knowledge to work.

REQUIREMENTS: As the class will focus largely on a series of involved projects, active student participation will be a key requirement. In order to create successful projects, students will need to fully understand project instructions and demonstrations. Moreover, students participation is essential to understanding concepts and terminology covered in the book and revisited in class discussions and critiques. Thus, students will be expected to be prompt and present in order to be fully involved in the class.

GRADING: Grading will be based on two elements: projects and class participation. The projects will make up the bulk of final grades and will be based on a 10 point scale:

A: 90 - 100% B: 80 - 89% C: 70 - 79% D: 60 - 69% F: 0 - 59%

Projects will be graded based on four main elements:

1. INSTRUCTIONS: how well the student performed within in the guidelines of the project / the degree to which the piece expresses the project’s specific formal concerns.
2. QUALITY: the degree to which the project expresses a sense of craft, indicated through attention to detail, a sense of neatness, and a mastery of the materials.
3. FORM: how well the project expresses a growing understanding of the formal concerns covered in the book and in class. As the class proceeds, overall form should improve.
4. INVENTION: the degree to which the work exceeds the most fundamental requirements of the project through creative initiative.

Class participation grades will be based on a series of slide quizzes that occur throughout the semester in conjunction with readings, as well as on general class activity: attendance, promptness, focus, active participation during critiques, etc.
At midterm, your participation grade will count as one project which will be averaged together with your other (2 or 3) projects to give you your grade. At the end of the semester the same process will occur, then your midterm and end of semester grades will be averaged together into your final grade.


-18 x 24 pad of Strathmore Drawing Paper: Medium 400 series
-drawing pen (Millennium Medium Fine Point or an assortment)
-gray kneaded eraser and white FACTIS eraser
-graphite pencils: 2H, HB, 2B, 6B
-pencil sharpener
-bottle of black India Ink
-x-acto knife
-white, black acrylic tubes of paint
-18” metal ruler
-1/2” round watercolor brush, small Co-op #2 watercolor brush
-mixing containers
-small paper portfolio case


SCHEDULE: I do not define a rigid, dated schedule at the beginning of the semester because these schedules invariably change and are therefore not particularly valuable. However, I will describe the general pattern of activity that will occur throughout the semester:

1. We simultaneously begin a new project and read one or two chapters in the book that relate to the project.
2. After the assigned reading, we will take a slide quiz based on the vocabulary terms used throughout the chapter.
3. We will have class lectures and discussions regarding the material covered and continue working on the project in and out of class.
4. As the project deadline approaches we will have some class periods designated entirely to project work.
5. The project will likely be finished outside of class and we will hold a class critique on the project deadline date.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

UL VIAR 111: Homework

Portfolio drawing #3: due next Wednesday

10 object still-life using cubes, spheres, and cylinders. Done in vine on Strathmore. The same guidelines as the last homework drawing. This version will simply be more complex.

Portfolio List:

1. Collaborative Blind Contour
2. Still Life: Cubes & Spheres
3. Still Life: Cubes, Spheres, & Cylinders.

Good Luck!

LSU 1011: Homework

1: Read Form Chapter in Book (or the handout)
2: Continue progress on part 1 of the project
3: 6 Thumbnails on Strathmore for part 2 of project

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

LSU 1011: Homework for THURSDAY

1. Get the (right) book: Art Fundamentals (the orange one)
2. Finish collage exercises: 2 collages: one symmetrical & one asymmetrical
3. Make progress on first part of project


Just wanted to remind you about your homework assignment: a still life of cubes and spheres on strathmore w/vine. Remember that you want to make sure your proportions and relationships in scale are correct, and also keep the quality of your lines in mind. You want to make fresh, confident marks that illustrate a strength that has come from all the legwork put in during earlier stages of the drawing. This is your first homework assignment that will go into your portfolio (drawing #2), so you will want to demonstrate all of the skills you have acquired thus far. Good Luck!

LSU 1011: The Book Situation, Part 2

I spoke with a manager at CoOp and he said you could return the wrong book for a full refund even if it's been opened. Just bring the receipt. HOWEVER, today is the LAST day for full refunds. So you need to go ahead and do it asap if you haven't yet.