Friday, April 15, 2011

Drawing 1: Folio #2

Folio #2:

2.1 Value Scale Object Studies (6)
2.2 Simple Chiaroscuro Still Life
2.3 Single Object Study HW: (Complex, Geometric)*
2.4 Drapery Study*
2.5 Ribbon Study*
2.6 Skull Study

Due Monday, April 18

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Drawing 3: Artists

Cecily Brown:

Paula Rego:

Drawing 3: List of Contemporary Figure Artists We've Looked at Thus Far

John Currin
Jenny Saville
Inka Essenhigh
Steve Mumford
Neo Rauch
Xenia Hausner

More to come...

Potential Master Studies for Drawing 3 Final

Frans Hals, Thomas Eakins, Velasquez, Lucian Freud