Friday, February 25, 2011

1033 Drawing 1: Folio 1

Folio 1:

1.1 Cube & Sphere Still Life
1.2 HW: 1 pt. Perspective City
1.3 Complex Geometric Still Life w/Line Variation
1.4 HW: 12 Object Still Life w/Line Variation*
1.5 1-Day Banana Drawing
1.6 Final In-Class Linear Still Life*
1.7 Open

Due Wednesday, March 2nd. Must be labeled and in order.

*Most heavily weighed drawings

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

3033 Drawing 3: Sketchbook 3

I gave the sketchbook assignment as you were packing up and some of you may have missed it:

Gordon, pg. 77
Master Study

Due Friday, 25th.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1033 Drawing 1: Out of Town Assignments

Norris 1033
Drawing 1
Sketchbook Extravaganza

As you all know I will be out of town on Friday (18th) and Monday (21st). Therefore I am giving you some independent work to keep you in practice with our current investigations into line technique. You will have three separate sketchbook assignments that will be turned in for three separate grades.

SK2: a cluster of 4-5 objects, all touching, drawn with a single topographical grid in which a pattern of parallel vertical and horizontal cross-contour lines wrap around all the touching objects as if they were a single form. Use line variation to suggest light and shadow.

SK3: Using the same 4-5 objects, create a small still-life. Use hatching and cross-contour lines to suggest volume and light and shadow. Use line variation to suggest light and shadow in this one as well.

SK4: Albrecht Durer “Six Pillows” Master Study. Recreate this drawing as fully and precisely as you can. Try to recreate Durer’s line quality and informative use of hatching. If you need a guide to place the forms, you can create a light 1x1” grid on the hand-out and then recreate it on your page.

All in graphite, all the time. Sketchbook = graphite. Always. Use a variety of pencils and be thoughtful about your marks. Good luck!

3063 Painting: Out of Town Assignments

Norris 3063
Alla Prima Extravaganza

2.2 = Another in-class alla prima study. We will again start out with an ultramarine blue line drawing. However, rather than try to finish in class, this time we will make a full palette underpainting wash. You will use opaque and transparent colors as you choose, but this time you will dilute all of your paints with liquin in order to keep this initial stage thin, washy, and preliminary. Then, you will come back for a second session and add an undiluted, thicker layer in a second session. This painting will span two sessions: Wednesday (16th) and Friday (18th).

2.3 = Four small single object studies. You will have the weekend and class on Monday to work on these four small paintings.
1. the thinnest successful painting you can possibly make (dilute in liquin)
2. the thickest successful painting you can possibly make (pure oil paint)
3. a successful palette knife painting
4. a painting of a very challenging object

I will be back in town next Wednesday (23rd) and we will have a look at 2.2 & 2.3. We will also talk about finalizing Folio 2.
Folio 2 so far:
2.1 Single session alla prima still-life
2.2 Another in-class alla prima study (described above)
2.3 Four small single object studies

Thursday, February 10, 2011