Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jered Sprecher - October, 9, 7pm - U of Memphis


Painter Jered Sprecher will be giving a talk at the University of Memphis on October 9 and 7pm. I encourage you to attend! Check out his work: http://www.jeredsprecher.com

Adv Painting - 4063 - (Revised) Work Period #2

ADV PTG – Fall 2014 – Norris
Th, Sept 18:
Introduction to new work period and mini-project, lecture on Art as Information

T, Sept 23:
Written proposals submitted for Project #2, individual meetings in office (112)

Th, Sept 25:
Work Period / No Class (I will be out of town)

T, Sept 30:
Book Discussion #2 (pg. 65-231): Choose one element from the reading (a quote, bit of advice, topic) you responded to positively and one you responded to negatively. Be prepared to share them with the class as a discussion starter.

Th, Oct 2:
Bring in your personal timeline. It should contain at least 15-25 items, but hopefully will contain more. It can be your personal history measured by one specific detail (all the books you’ve read, all the films you’ve seen that were meaningful, every trip you ever took, every cavity you’ve ever had), or it can be a general timeline of the events of your life. We will begin work on our collective timeline.

T, Oct 7:
Time Line Progress & Mandatory Progress Report: Bring your work to class. You will share your progress as well as your proposal with the class in an informal setting. No preparatory images; work should be well underway on the project itself (this falls 22 days after the beginning of work period #2).

Th, Oct 9:
Jared Sprecher Lecture at University of Memphis, ACB 310, 7pm. I highly engourage you to go. I will even offer a one time only extra credit incentive.

T, Oct 14:
We will continue work on our Collaborative Timeline of Personal Histories

Th, Oct 16:
David Smith Gallery Talk (3pm) Opening of Arnell/Ford Exhibition at Bradbury Gallery (5pm) / Finish Collaborative Timeline and any final progress check-ins

T, Oct: 21: Project #2 DUE / Group Critique

TOTAL WORK PERIOD: 34 DAYS (As the work period is longer, PROJECT 2 should be more ambitious than PROJECT 1 and is should be 100% complete at the group critique)

Adv Painting - 4063 - Systems, Structures, Networks, and Timelines

Here are a few of the artists we discussed who employ strategies related to systems, structures, networks, or timelines...

Mark Lombardi

Julie Mehretu

Group Material

Matthew Ritchie

3033 - Drawing 3 - Folio #1

Due at the beginning of class on Thursday, October 2:

1.1 Skeleton Study (craft)
1.2 First Figure (craft)
1.3 "Beautiful Scribble" (1 two day drawing or 2 one day drawings, Arches)
1.4 Homework: Alternate Identity Self Portrait (Arches)
1.5 Straight Line Construction (1 two day drawing or 2 one day drawings, Arches or Craft)
1.6 "Academic" Value Drawing (Arches)
1.7 Five Best Gestures

Good Luck!