Monday, November 29, 2010

Drawing 3: Final Drawing - Master Studies


Below is the FINAL PORTFOLIO for all of my Drawing Classes:

3.1 Final IN-CLASS drawing
3.2 Final HW drawing

These will be turned in at the beginning of your FINAL PERIOD. At the final, we will have a critique and then clean up the room.

Good Luck!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Portfolio Lists: DUE FRIDAY, NOV 19th

Here are all completed Portfolio Lists. All portfolios are dune on Friday, November 19th.

Drawing 1: 1033
2.1 Value Scale Studies
2.2 Complex Value Still Life
2.3 Drapery Study
2.4 HW: Single Object Study*
2.5 Ribbon Study
2.6 Skull Study

Drawing 2: 1043
2.1 Long Value Head Study (Savannah)
2.2 HW: Self Portrait*
2.3 Head Study #2 (Mark)
2.4 Conceptual Still Life
2.5 Gestural Head Study
2.6 Open
2.7 2 Gestures

Drawing 3: 3033
2.1 Full Figure, Arches (Mark)
2.2 HW: Figure in Interior*
2.3 Long Open Figure Study (Savannah)
2.4 Long Gesture Study
2.5 Open
2.6 2 Gestures

Friday, November 12, 2010

Drawing 1: Vanitas: The Transience of Earthly Pleasures

I recently came across an excellent show of contemporary takes on the Vanitas, titled Vanitas: The Transience of Earthly Pleasures. These images may come in handy to my Drawing 1 class in the not too distant future (that's a hint by the way for the fact that you're about to make a vanitas drawing of your own).

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How Long Does it Take to Look at a Painting?

There are many series geared towards beginning to look and think seriously about painting and drawing floating around these days. I've already posted about James Mcmullan's Line by Line Series in the New York Times. Art Critic and Historian James Elkins also has a new series on the Huffington Post which deals specifically with how to look at painting in a more nuanced and informed manner. The first in the series, How to Look at Mondrian, deconstructs a Mondrian painting down to its core. The newest article, How Long Does it Take to Look at a Painting?, explores what paintings can reveal to us over long periods of time. I recommend these articles to any beginning drawing students.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

DRAWING 1: a resource for your latest HW

STILL LIFE QUICK HEART is a still life blog that you may find useful when determining the subject matter for your upcoming homework assignment:

Link to the STILL LIFE QUICK HEART image archive

Wednesday, November 3, 2010