Tuesday, February 26, 2008

LSU 1848 Folio 1

1.1 Movable Masses (graphite)
1.2 Movable Masses - Long (vine)
1.3 First Modeled Drawing
1.4 HW: Modeled Self Portrait
1.5 Head Drawing: Front/Profile (graphite)
1.6 Skull Drawing: Front/Profile (graphite)
1.7 HW: Full Value, Resolved Self Portrait
1.8 Full Value Skull Portrait
1.9 5 Best Gestures (include more if you like)
1.10 2 Best Blind Contours

Due Tuesday, March 4th

Sunday, February 17, 2008

LSU 1848: Giacometti head study

UL VIAR 101: Project 1 Due Wednesday

Project 1 due in its entirety (parts one and two) this coming Wednesday, the 20th. If you were absent on Wednesday, it is imperative need to come in on Monday as it will be the last day you can consult with me before turning in your finished project. Here again is a sample of student examples: