Thursday, January 29, 2015


As we've discussed, I will be out of town. Here are your assignments: 

Drawing 3: Work on your "alternate identity" self-portrait assignment (value drawing, arches 22 x 30" paper, charcoal). 

Sketchbook Assignment: Gordon, pg. 55, both drawings and label, due Tues, Feb 10. 

Drawing 2: Come into class during the regular time and make progress on your large object still life (value drawing, 18 x 24" strathmore). 

Sketchbook Assignment: Two Drawings - Van Gogh bedroom drawing master study & your own bedroom drawing inspired by Van Gogh's line quality. Due Tuesday, Feb 10. 

Beginning Painting: Two paintings (9 x 12") - Each should be a still life with 3-5 objects. Keep most objects simple, but choose one or two more complex, challenging objects. Use the same 3-5 objects with different arrangements for your two paintings. 

1.3 Grisaille (black and white) one-session direct painting
1.4 Color indirect painting, one layer of burnt sienna underpainting, at least two layers of color

Also, have a 16 x 20" panel prepared for class and your paintings completed on Tues, Feb 10.