Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Great Board of Finals Information

Drawing 3:
Final: Thurs, April 30, 8am

3.1 Movement/Collaboration Experiments (2 drawings)
3.2 Full Size Figure (Final In-Class Drawing)
3.3 Two Figures in Interior Space or Alternate Proposal (Final Homework Drawing)

Drawing 2:
Final: Thurs, April 30, 12:30pm

Folio 3:
3.1 In-Class Landscape at Farm Complex (22x30 Arches Paper)
3.2 Independent Homework Landscape or Alternate Proposal (22x30 Arches Paper)

Beginning Painting:
Folio 3 due in your cubbies (labeled, stacked in order) by 12pm, April 30

3.1 Kim Indirect Portrait (In-Class)
3.2 Self-Portrait (Homework)
3.3 Landscape Master Study (Small Panel)
3.4 Landscape at Farm Complex (2 Small Panels or 1 Medium Canvas)