Friday, January 29, 2016

All Classes - Next Week Assignments: Tues 2/2, Thurs 2/4


As you know, I will be out of town next week. We've gone over everything you'll being doing and it's written out on my whiteboard in the classroom (above). However, as promised, I'm also going to give instructions here. Don't hesitate to email me if you are unclear on anything regarding assignments. Cheers, John

Drawing 3: 

Sketchbook 2: Three Drawings - 1) Gordon Master Study pg 43 (top) 2) Gordon Master Study pg 55 (right). Remember to label these drawings with the specific anatomy. Also, read Gordon, pg 38-59. 3) 3-4 thumbnail sketches to prepare for your "alternate identity" self-portrait assignment (1.2).  Due Tuesday, Feb 9.

Also, go ahead and start assembling what you need for the self-portrait assignment. You'll have approximately three weeks to finish it, but I have high expectations in terms of concept, craft, and time-commitment, so getting started early is always wise. 

Finally, the skeleton is in the classroom and its placement is marked with bright pink tape. If you still need time to work on this drawing (1.1), you can use class time next week to complete it. 

Drawing 2: 

Come in as scheduled to work on your large-object still-life. Braden will have it set up for you when you arrive. He will be taking attendance. I recommend concentrating on your structural line drawing on Tuesday and moving towards value on Thursday. We will finish the drawing the following Tuesday. 

Sketchbook 2: Two Drawings: 1) Van Gogh bedroom master study 2) Your own drawing of a similar interior space in which you employ Van Gogh's line quality.  Due Tuesday, Feb 9.

Beginning Painting: 

Homework: Two 9 x 12" paintings on panel: Take 3-5 simple still life objects and make two paintings using the same objects in different arrangements. Do one as a transparent burnt sienna underpainting and a second as a black and white opaque grisaille. These are to continue practicing the two methods (direct, indirect) that we introduced last week. Due Tuesday, Feb 9. 

Classwork: Come in on Thursday, Feb 4 as usual. Braden will have set up three small still lives. Choose one and make a 9 x 12" burnt sienna underpainting. We will begin working on top of this underpainting in color the following Tuesday. You will need to have your full color set to work with at that time. 

Happy Drawing and Painting!