Wednesday, October 24, 2007

UL VIAR 111: Folio 2 / Due Monday

2.1 1st Value Study (Class Work)
2.2 Geometric Value Still Life (Home Work)
2.3 Complex Object Value Study (HW)
2.4 Stacked Still Life (CW)
2.5 Complex Object Value Study: Cow Skull, Gas Mask, Candle Holder, or Paper Bag (CW)
2.6 3/5 Value Scale Object Study (CW)

Folio due Monday. Remember you can continue to work on any of these drawings to improve them for the Folio. Also, remember that 2.4 will be the most important drawing in the folio. On Monday, come with your Folio labelled and in order; ready to turn in at the beginning of class.

Sketchbook Master Study and Pillow Studies due on Wednesday.

Have fun!