Thursday, October 4, 2007

UL VIAR 111: Portfolio Due Wednesday!

Portfolio List:

1. Collaborative Blind Contour
2. Still Life: Cubes & Spheres
3. Still Life: Cubes, Spheres, & Cylinders
4. Chair
5. 1 Point Perspective Conceptual City
6. 2 Point Perspective Observed Landscape
7. Class Drawing
8. Class Drawing
9. Class Drawing
10. Class Drawing

You can choose any four class drawings to represent 7-10. Obviously, I would recommend choosing the strongest, most accomplished drawings you have. Also, you can improve upon any of these drawings to make them stronger for the portfolio.

Your sketchbook will be due on Wednesday as well. Please feel free to add additional drawings to the sketchbook between now and then. They WILL be taken into consideration.

Good Luck!