Tuesday, August 26, 2014

4063 - Adv Ptg - Schedule for Work Period #1 (Fall 2014)

Advanced Painting – Fall 2014 - Norris
Work Period #1

Thurs, Aug 21: Getting Started
“Art in the Public Sphere” Lecture, 
Individual Project & Mini-Project Schedule

Tues, Aug 26: Proposals
Students meet individually with professor with written proposals

Thurs, Aug 28: Progress Crit / Work Period
Students present preparatory images and project concept to class

Tues, Sept 2: Discussion / Work Period
Book Discussion and Studio Time

Thurs, Sept 4: Film: TBA

Tues, Sept 9: Mini-Project Presentations
Students share the results of their “Art in the Public Sphere” Mini-Project

Thursday, Sept 11: Work Period
Final Class of Studio Time for Project #1

Tuesday, Sept 16: Crit
Critique for Project #1, Individual Project due in final form

Total Work Period: 27 Days

It is ultimately up to you to define your production schedule and make sure you are on task to meet your deadlines. This is an essential part of an artist’s practice.