Tuesday, August 26, 2014

4063 - Adv Ptg - Syllabus for Fall 2014


Fall 2014 – 3 Credit Hours, CRN: 61945
Section 001: T/R 5:30-8:20pm, Fine Arts Building 104
Instructor: John Norris, Associate Professor of Art
Office Hours: T/R: 9:30-11am (by appointment)
E-mail: jnorris@astate.edu    Phone: 972-3050 ext. 3755
Blog: norrisartclass.blogspot.com

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Individual work for advanced students. It is expected that students will spend a minimum of three additional clock hours per week on work outside the scheduled class time for each studio class. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite, ART 3063, 3863, and ART 3330 or permission of instructor. Fall, Spring. 3.000 Credit hours, 3.000 Lecture hours.

STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students will pursue individual bodies of work that seek to define a personal visual vocabulary and conceptual continuity. Such will be accomplished by creating a small number of long-term projects defined by each student and engaged critically through critiques and discussions. Students will also become articulate in speaking formally about their own work as well as that of their peers. Additionally, we will engage in presentations, readings, and film viewings to supplement individual endeavors. This is a STUDIO CLASS; one which requires that students be actively involved in daily exercises and contribute during critiques.  Thus, students must be present and punctual in order to fully participate.

ATTENDANCE & CLASS PARTICIPATION: All late work will be counted off 10 points (aka one letter grade) for each class period late. For example: if your work merits a 93 but is 2 class periods late, then your grade will be a 73.  Participation counts as 25% of your grade and is based on the following considerations: 1. Being present, punctual, and prepared for class 2. Focus on and completion of exercises during class 3. Participation during critiques, discussions, and dialogues. After 2 absences, 10 points will be subtracted from your participation grade for each class missed. 20 points will automatically be deducted from your final participation grade if you miss the Final Critique.

GRADING: Grading will be based on the final outcome of each individual project (50%), engagement in group projects and presentations (25%), and class participation (25%).

A: 90 - 100%   B: 80 - 89%   C: 70 - 79%   D: 60 - 69%   F: 0 - 59%

Individual Assignments will be based on the following elements: 1) Indications that the student has fulfilled the assignment as defined by their original proposal 2) a sense of quality showing that the students has invested a significant amount of time and focus into the assignment. 3) The overall success of the final product based on formal elements (composition, technique, color, etc.) as well as conceptual engagement, innovation, experimentation, and creative thinking. AGAIN, TURNING IN ASSIGNMENTS LATE AUTOMATICALLY REDUCES YOUR GRADE.  IF YOU ARE CONFUSED ABOUT GRADING, FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS.


1. Students will submit written proposals for individual projects and will be given a 3-4 week working period in which to complete them. Work on projects will be done largely outside of class though certain classes will be designated as work periods.

2. We will supplement individual projects throughout the work period with readings, discussions, films, and gallery visits.

3. During each work period, we will engage in either a presentation or “mini-project” designed to consider alternate processes and/or trends in contemporary art.

4. Projects will culminate with a final group critique and potential short-term exhibition based on availability of space.


Book: Living and Sustaining a Creative Life, Essays by 40 Working Artists
            Edited by Sharon Louden

You will be encouraged to check this regularly as part of your class participation. THE BLOG SERVES AS A SUPPLEMENT; IT IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR BEING IN CLASS.

MATERIALS: As students will be working individually to define their own bodies of work, materials will be likewise be catered to each individual.  Students are responsible for acquiring the necessary materials for individual projects. Paper will be provided for our collaborative works on paper project.