Thursday, October 30, 2014

4063 - Adv Painting - Mini-Project 3

4063 - Adv Painting – Norris
Mini-Project 3: Repurposing

Part 1: Materials

Students will bring in
A) an old artwork that they would be happy to destroy and
B) some art-making tool other than traditional oil painting materials

All work and tools brought in will be fodder to be repurposed into new work. All students will have access to all materials.  Old artworks are to be cut up, painted over, layered upon, and fundamentally altered from their original state. You will also be free to add new elements and layers as you see fit.

Part 2: Imagery

Option 1: Choose an old artwork from the past that you might like to recreate using alternate tools/materials/old artworks. The original image will be the basis for the new work, but the nature of the work itself may change dramatically through this new process.

Option 2: Make an entirely new, non-objective artwork using these materials. Take this as an opportunity to explore pure, process-oriented abstraction that is not derived from an original plan or image, but is open to a method that embraces change and improvisation.

The Works:

Most likely, the works will be collage-oriented, as they will contain elements of previous works that will be most likely layered and cut. However, if you wish to try another approach, feel free. This mini-project is about giving yourself over to process, experimentation, and reconsidering past creations in a new light.

The works will vary in scale but they should be at least somewhere around 15 x 20”. I will provide paper. If you wish to work on canvas, panel, etc, then you will need to bring those materials in.


Nov 6: We bring in old works/materials as well as our source image (if we’re using one) and begin work.

Nov 11: We will continue work on our mini-projects, in addition to our informal progress check-ins on our main projects.

Nov 13: Continue work on mini-projects in class.