Tuesday, October 28, 2014

4063 - ADV PTG - Project 3 Schedule

Advanced Painting: Project 3
Work Schedule

Tues, Oct 28: Submit Proposals in Individual Meetings

Th, Oct 30: Introduction to Mini-Project 3: Repurposing

Tues, Nov 4: Work Day (I will be traveling, we will not meet as a class)

Th, Nov 6: Bring in Repurposing Materials, we begin repurposing both materials and imagery from a previous artwork

Tues, Nov 11: Mandatory Progress Check-in #1

Th, Nov 13: We continue our Repurposing Mini-Project

Tues, Nov 18: Film TBA

Thurs, Nov 20: Mandatory Progress Check-in #2


TH, December 4, 5:30pm: FINAL CRITIQUE

NOTE: We will have to make adjustments to our officially scheduled Final Period as it falls at the same time as the Senior Exhibition opening reception at the Bradbury Gallery.

Project #3
Repurposing Mini-Project #3
Digital Hi-Res Images of all Projects (1-3) on disc or sent via email by crit time