Tuesday, April 26, 2016

All Classes - FINALS - Times/Folios

Hi All, 

Below is all Finals information. Let me know if you have questions. Cheers, John

Drawing 3: Final Critique, 8am, Thursday, May 5

Final Folio: 
3.1 Large Scale Figure Study (in-class)
3.2 Multiple Figures in Interior/Exterior Space (homework)

Drawing 2: Final Critique,  12:30pm, Thursday, May 5

Final Folio: 
3.1 Landscape Drawing (in-class, at farm complex)
3.2 Open Homework Drawing

Beginning Painting: Final Folio due in cubby by noon, May 10

Final Folio: 
3.1 Landscape
(in-class at farm complex, two small paintings or one medium/large painting)
3.2 Open Homework Painting (18 x 24" or larger)

You can pick up all paintings in your cubby after 3pm on May 12. At that time, please retrieve all materials and clean out your cubby.