Thursday, April 7, 2016

All Classes - Next Week


As you know, I will be out of town next week for an exhibition. Your assignments are all written on the dry erase board in the room (image above), but I also wanted to include directions here:

Drawing 3: 

1) Make progress on your 2.5 Figure in Interior Space homework assignment. It will be due on Thursday, April 21 along with your completed Folio #2. 

2) Sketchbook #7: Recreate the drawings of the foot from the Bridgman handout. Due Tuesday, April 19.

Drawing 3 Folio #2 (Due Thurs, April 21):
2.1 Straight Line Construction (Two 1-day drawings)
2.2 Movement Drawing (craft paper)
2.3 Layered Drawing (Arches)
2.4 Space/Ladder Drawing (materials open)
2.5 HW: Figure in Interior
2.6 Multi-Media Drawing
2.7 Five Best Gestures

We will put in one more session on 2.6 on Tuesday, Apr 19, then the folio is due the following class (Thurs, Apr 21).

Drawing 2:

1) Make continued progress on 2.4 Self-Portrait homework assignment. Remember, this should be drawn from life and observed by looking at a mirror while drawing.

2) Begin and make significant progress on 2.6 Abstract Repetition/Mark-making Assignment (described in previous post)

Bring both in on Tuesday, Apr 19. We will discuss the works in progress and continue working on 2.6 in class. Folio #2 is due the following class:

Drawing 2 Folio #2 (Due Thurs, April 21):
2.1 Value Skull Drawing
2.2 Long Value Head (Joe)
2.3 Value Head / Low Light (Joe)
2.4 HW: Self-Portrait
2.5 Tactile / Blind Self-Portrait
2.6 Abstract Repetition/Mark-Making Assignment
2.7 Three Best Gestures

Beginning Painting: 

Make significant progress on your 2.3 Self-Portrait homework assignment. You will bring this work in on Tuesday, April 19, and we will discuss your work in progress. Remember, this can be done using a direct or indirect method - your choice. It should however be observed by looking at a mirror and painted from life. We will continue work on our head study of Erica that Tuesday as well.