Monday, April 16, 2007

1847: Final Drawing Guidelines


STUDENTS: Including this Tuesday, you will be in class six more times this semester. The last day, Thurday, May 3rd, will be the day on which you turn in both your final drawing, your 2nd portfolio, and during which we will have our final critique. From now until then, I am going to assign a final drawing which you will work on in the coming weeks as a culmination of all of the drawing skills you have acquired in class. This will be an ambitious drawing, a value drawing, and a drawing that demonstrates your ability to suggest space, perspective, and proportion. Furthermore, this must be a drawing that you can work on during class. Therefore the subject matter should be something in or around the classroom. With all this in mind, it is up to you to come up with your subject. Let me offer a couple of possible options.

STILL LIFE: This has been our main subject throughout the semester. Still Life allow you a lot of control, and your experience should enable you to create an impressive, fully resolved work containing a wide variety of objects.

DRAPERY STUDY: You may want to set up a highly ambitious drapery scene and build from your previous drapery study to achieve something more complex and more fully resolved. You may want to choose a striped or patterned drapery to make the exercise more challenging.

INTERIOR: One genre we have not yet covered is the interior: a view of an interior scene in a building. For example: a corner of a cluttered classroom, a view down the hallway, through a doorway, etc. With our experience in perspective and still life, this should be a natural progression for those of you that wish to pursue it.

LANDSCAPE: Though our exposure to the landscape was relatively limited, some of you took to it very quickly. So if you wish to create a more ambitious landscape for your final drawing, the option is open to you. Remember however that it must be a subject that is close enough to the classroom to work on during class.

We have a fairly large chunk of time to work on these final drawings; therefore I expect them to be HIGHLY FINISHED, AMBITIOUS, & GENERALLY IMPRESSIVE. Remember, this is an expression of all you have learned in 1847, and needless to say, this drawing will bear the most weight in terms of the grading of Portfolio 2.

Good Luck!