Thursday, April 26, 2007

1847: Portfolio 2 Drawing List

Your second portfolio, which includes your final drawing, will be due on Thursday, May 3rd. This will be the last day of 1847, and we will be having a final critique. On this day we will also determine a pick-up time for your portfolios. Remember, you have exactly one week left to work on your final drawings, so you likely will need to continue to work on the drawings outside of class to assure that they are your most ambitious, successful, and fully realized drawings to date.

Portfolio 2:

1. 1st Drapery Study
2. Long Drapery Study
3. Long Still LIfe (Drapery, Paper Bag)
4. Very Long Still Life (Gas Mask, Candle Holder)
5. Landscape
6. Final (Independent) Drawing

Good Luck!