Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Drawing 1: instructions for the coming week

Drawing 1 Students:

As you all know, I will be out of town Thursday and next Tuesday for an exhibition. In class today, I intended to supply you with outside assignments to work on during my trip. However the weather had different plans, so I am going to give you these assignments via email. I would like you to make three drawings in your sketchbook (in graphite, on separate pages), each of which offer a different arrangement of 6-8 cubic (or box-shaped) forms. You may choose your own or use still life objects in the class room for your drawings. Try to come up with three very distinct arrangements and compositions, despite the fact that you are using the same objects in each drawing. Remember to consider proportion, space, and structure. Use sighting and measuring and draw structural lines to build these forms. Also, remember our discussion of one and two point perspective. I've included three pictures of arrangements from cubic objects I found around the house as an example of what to draw. These will be due next Thursday, February 13.

Also on Thursday, February 13:
-Your previous sketchbook assignment should be completed (originally due today)
-We will begin the class by taking our one and two point perspective quiz (also originally planned for today)

Thanks and please feel free to email me with any questions.

P.S. This email will also be posted on the blog: norrisartclass.blogspot.com