Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Painting 1: instructions for the coming week

Hello Painting 1 Students:

As you all know, I will be out of town Thursday and next Tuesday for an exhibition. In class today, I intended to supply you with outside assignments to work on during my trip. However the weather had different plans, so I am going to give you these assignments via email. Essentially, your assignment is simply to finish the two paintings you began last week. We began 1.2 (in which each arrangement had some odd vegetable) in class last Thursday and you began 1.3 (your homework still life of 3-5 objects) over the weekend. I would like you to put in two color sessions on each painting and have both finished by Thursday, February 13. We will take a look at them in class.

For the first color session, proceed as we did in class on our first painting. Continue to add some liquin and make your goal to simply cover the entire picture plane with color, providing yourself with a color context. Also, think about cooler colors and transparent paints for the shadows. For your second session, use little to no liquin. The paint will therefore be thicker ("impasto"); it will have a consistency more akin to peanut butter than, say, syrup or honey. This is the natural progression of this layered, "thick over thin" manner of working that we've been exploring (indirect painting).

Also, your palette will be the same as the last painting with two additions: Viridian (transparent) and Cadmium Yellow Hue (opaque). A palette list is posted in the room. Also, you can find the set-ups for your in-class paintings on the bottom shelf of the saw table. For those of you working on the set-up closest to the saw, remember that you all also had a spotlight on your still life. I recommend you simply go in and work during our regular meeting time, as the room will be available then.

So again, you will have two things due on Thursday, February 13:
-1.2 in-class "strange veggie" still life
-1.3 Homework still life
-You will also need a new 9 x 12" gessoed panel ready to paint on as well as ivory black and titanium white paint.

Thanks and please feel free to email me with any questions, John

P.S. This email will also be posted on the blog: norrisartclass.blogspot.com